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At Elm City Computing it’s been our experience that most small businesses do not have a full time network manager or more often than not, the current administrator has too many responsibilities to be accountable for proficient monitoring, managing, and securing of your network.

Let us evaluate your networking environment to receive maximum efficiency and reliability; because what you don’t know about your network and computers could cost you down time and money.

Introductory Offer:
If upon review of your network you put us on retainer, we will waive the cost of the review. We are making this special offer because we want your business.

Review the following questions to determine if you need a Network Tune-Up:

Network Checklist

  • Is your network environment free of performance and/or operations problems? (Slowness, Problems opening certain files or attachments, Excessive crashing)
  • Is Internet access always available?
  • Is your network environment documented & labeled for efficient and fast repairs? (Ex: cables & jacks)?
  • Can you recover from a network outage in a timely manner?
  • Are you prepared for failures?
  • Do your backups have all your data? Have your backups been tested?
  • Do you have a contingency plan?
  • Is your network optimized for your environment?
  • Are your connections to the Internet optimized and configured for security?
  • How confident are your that hackers can’t get in?
  • Do you have a remote access solution?
  • Could your staff be getting more done with the new tools and techniques?
  • Are you at optimal computer performance?

As the owner/manager of a small biz how much down time can you afford?
If you realize how important it is to you, then is it worth getting a checkup?

What is a Network Checkup?

Each Network Checkup consists of an initial evaluation of your network infrastructure by an experienced Network Technician. Your checkup will include a review of the internal cabling, network cards, switches and other devices on your network. Your connectivity to the Internet and speed and cost of your connection; routers and firewalls will also be reviewed for optimization settings. Backup and Remote access practices will be reviewed. From all this recommendations for optimizing your environment are made.

Elm City Computing has a proven track record for assisting organizations in putting into place the proper network management, operations procedures, documentation, operations training, and a change management process. If you think you can benefit from a Network Checkup, take action now.

What you do not know may be costing you.


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